5-key vault vs. 3-key vault comparison

With the Standard membership, Casa offers a 3-key vault.

The 3-key vault offers far more protection than exchange account security, and even more protection than a single hardware device by itself. 

With the Premium membership and for Private Clients, Casa offers a 5-key vault.

Our 5-key vault offers even better protection than our 3-key vault.

What are the advantages of choosing a 5-key vault over a 3-key vault?

With a 3-key vault, there are three total keys, with any two key signatures needed to move funds. With a 5-key vault, there are five total keys, with any three key signatures needed to move funds. While a 3-key vault is recommended for securing up to $100,000 worth of value, we recommend the 5-key vault for amounts over that, for the following reasons:

  • Additional keys
    • Having more keys means more protection, both from theft as well as user error. In a 5-key vault setup, up to two keys can be lost, and funds can still be recovered and moved. Likewise, up to two keys can be compromised by an attacker, but the attacker would not be able to move your funds. 
    • Keys can be more geographically distributed.
  • Free key replacement
    • Losing and replacing a key can be stressful. If this happens, Casa will send you a free replacement device, and walk you through the setup of your new key.
  • Enhanced Casa Recovery Key verification
    • One key in your setup is held by Casa to be used in emergency scenarios where there is other key loss or theft.
    • In a 5-key vault, verification for recovery signatures is done quickly, via live video verification with a Casa team member.
    • We offer the option to set up custom duress words for video verification.
  • Emergency lockdown
    • Emergency lockdown gives you the ability to disable all login to the Casa app.
    • In a 5-key vault, emergency lockdown disables login until video verification with a Casa team member is complete.
  • Bespoke onboarding
    • Premium members and Private Clients with a 5-key vault receive one-on-one, live video calls with our team during the onboarding process
    • Setup calls are personalized to your needs.
    • Great for both beginners and more technical users.
  • Special access to events and Casa team (Private Clients only)
    • Access to exclusive events at various locations.
    • Opportunities for virtual chats with our world-class team.
  • Team signing (Private Clients only)
    • With Team signing, Private Clients are able to assign specific keys in their 5-key vault to different people. 
  • Legacy solutions
    • Shared accounts allow up to two people to share all information and credentials for a single Casa account equally.
    • Inheritance (Private Clients only) ensures your digital wealth will be passed on securely.

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