How to upgrade from Gold to Standard

This article will walk you through how to upgrade your Gold or Free membership to Standard

Our Inheritance program is exclusively available to Standard members and above. If you are interested in accessing our latest Inheritance feature but currently have a Gold Legacy membership, upgrade your membership to Standard in just a few simple steps. Our Inheritance solution provides a comprehensive, easy way to send assets to your intended Recipients. 

To upgrade your membership from Gold Legacy to Standard, follow these steps:

  1. Review Your Membership: Check your current membership status to confirm that you're on a Gold or Free membership. You can see that at
  2. Explore Standard Pricing: Checkout our pricing page to review the pricing structure and benefits associated with our Standard membership to see if its a good fit for you.
  3. Upgrade within the App: Open the app and navigate to the Inheritance tab. Select "My Setup" and then click on the "Upgrade Now" button to initiate the upgrade process.
  4. In-App Subscription Upgrade: If you subscribed through Apple Pay or Google Pay, you'll receive a pop-up notification guiding you through the upgrade process once you select the upgrade option.
  5. Upgrade via Casa Billing: For users paying through Casa using a credit card, selecting the upgrade option will direct you to the billing page. Here, you can seamlessly upgrade your plan.      biling
  6. Confirm and Pay: Upon selecting the upgrade to Standard, confirm your decision and pay the prorated amount for your annual membership upgrade. You'll only be charged for the remaining duration of your current membership term.     confirm
  7. Set up your inheritance: Congratulations on successfully upgrading to Standard! Now, you can begin to setup your Inheritance in the Casa app by tapping on the Inheritance tab.