Updates to Casa membership plans

Casa's membership plans got an update on June 21st of 2023, alongside our launch of ethereum support.

If you were previously a valued Casa Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member, your plan names have changed, but note that it’s just the name that’s changed. Nothing about your plan cost or your current security level has changed.

New Casa members who are signing up for the first time will pay a different price for their membership.

As an existing Casa member prior to June 21st of 2023, you retain the same great price for your membership, and the same high standard of security we’ve always offered. In other words, all members who signed up before June 21, 2023, did not see an increase in membership price as new members will, and can continue to renew at the same great rate.

Here’s how your membership names have changed:

Previous Silver members are now on our Free plan.

Previous Gold members are now on our Standard plan.

Previous Platinum members are now on our Premium plan.

Previous Diamond members are now Private Clients.

Any membership upgrades (or downgrades) made after June 21, 2023, will be at the new (higher) price. Also, if your membership ever lapses, and you later decide to renew, you will renew at the new (higher) price.

In addition, please note that if you currently pay for your Casa membership with a credit card, or pay for your Casa membership with BTC, then you switch to in-app subscription purchasing (billed through Apple or Google), you will also be moved the new (higher) price. You should continue to pay for your Casa membership with a credit card or continue paying with BTC to ensure that you keep your current membership price.