Private Client with 5-Key or 6-Key Vault

Becoming a Private Client at Casa is the highest level of service and security available. Dedicated Client Advisors serve you, your family, and your team.

"Multisig," short for "multisignature," is a form of digital key management that uses multiple keys to sign for the same transaction, with a minimum required portion of the keys required for sending.

Casa's Private Clients receive an advanced 5-Key Vault. You have five total keys and must sign with three to send funds.

You can optionally enable a 6-Key Vault (bitcoin vaults only).

What features do Private Clients receive?

Becoming a Private Client offers:

  • Up to five 5-Key or 6-Key Vaults (one main account and four subaccounts)
  • Up to two additional 3-Key Vaults (one main account and one subaccount)
  • Pay single-key wallet
  • Three hardware devices included in the membership
  • Complimentary device replacement
  • Hands on, customized, one-on-one setup support from our Client Services team
  • Unlimited recovery signing via live video verification, with options to set up things like "duress" words, which would trigger our team to take additional actions on your behalf
  • Absolute world-class support and advice on everything from how you should think about storing your keys, to how you should think about inheritance
  • Private Client inheritance program
  • Team signing
  • Access to exclusive events 

At what amount should I consider becoming a Private Client? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount that customers can store on any of our plan levels.

That being said, we recommend becoming a Private Client for those holding in excess of $500,000 USD, or have specific needs regarding inheritance, or family/team funds management needs. 


A Private Client's home screen view

How do I become a Private Client?

You can become a Private Client and get started right away here:

Want to chat more about becoming a Private Client to see if it's right for you? You can book a call with our team here anytime.