Paying for your membership with bitcoin

You have the option to pay for your membership with bitcoin. This gives you additional privacy over paying for your membership with a credit card. 

How do I sign up and pay with BTC?

Sign up for your membership here:

Once you've gone to that link and created your account, click "BITCOIN" in the middle bar to select bitcoin for payment.

Paying with BTC 1

Enter your billing country, state (if applicable), and postal code. (Casa is required to collect sales tax in certain jurisdictions, even on payments made in bitcoin.)

Once you have entered this information, the "Pay with BTCPay" button will turn purple. Click it and a payment invoice will be generated for you.

Paying with BTC 2

One short blockchain confirmation later, you're all paid up and have immediate access to multisig vaults with Casa!

How do I renew my membership if I paid with BTC?

When your membership is up for renewal next year, you'll receive an email invoice ahead of time so that you can make another BTC payment to continue your subscription.

What if I added a credit card, but want to switch to paying with BTC?

If you've already added a credit card, you can transition to paying with BTC, even if you have previously made payments using your credit card. 

You would need to: 

  1. Reach out to us at requesting that we delete the payment method associated with your Casa account
  2. Let your membership lapse (your funds will not be at risk)
  3. Once your membership lapses, you can renew your membership at
  4. Follow the instructions above to complete your BTC payment and renew your Casa membership

Going forward, when your membership is up for renewal the following year, you will receive an email from us with a link you can click to complete another BTC payment for the coming year.