How to renew your account

Casa memberships are billed each year on the anniversary of the date you began your membership. The way your account renews depends on how you've paid for your subscription.

You can view your current plan's renewal date at the top of your Account tab.

Please note: It is not possible to renew a subscription early by any of these methods.

Credit card payments

If you have paid for your Casa membership with a credit card, as long as your card's billing information has not changed and you have not cancelled the membership, your account will be billed automatically on the renewal date.

You can view the credit card details or change the card on file by logging into our web app at

Google Play Store or Apple App Store in-app purchase

If you've subscribed through your device's in-app purchase system, your account will renew automatically through that system unless you cancel it.

See How to cancel your Google Play subscription or How to cancel your Apple subscription for instructions.


If you've paid for your subscription using BTCPay, an invoice will be generated and sent to you via email as soon as your membership expires. Please send BTC to the payment address shown to renew your membership.


Even if something goes wrong with your renewal and your membership expires, we will never--and can never--lock you out of your funds. Please see What happens if my membership expires? for details about what happens and how to proceed.