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7. Securing your seed phrase and labeling devices

Getting organized

With organization comes empowerment, and it is invaluable practice for security. We have included labels and a tamper-evident bag in your onboarding package to help you stay organized! 

We recommend that you label your devices and store them safely with their dedicated USB cable so that you can easily perform health checks and sign transactions. 

Once you have applied the stickers to the corresponding hardware devices, put your recovery card (seed phrase) in the tamper-evident bag. Then place the seed phrase with its corresponding hardware device in the same location. For ultimate security, stamp your seed phrase into a steel plate and place that in the tamper-evident bag instead of the recovery card.

Finally, make sure to write down your PIN for your hardware devices on a piece of paper or in a password manager. If you write it down on a piece of paper, you can keep it in the tamper-evident bag as well.