How to do a key rotation when you're holding an ordinal or inscription in your Casa vault

When you're storing an ordinal with Casa, you should be storing it in a separate subaccount and holding one ordinal per address, as we explain in this article.

If you lose one of the keys in your vault, you'll need to do a key rotation. With ordinals, since you have to maintain each one at a separate address, the best way to complete a key rotation is with Manual Recovery. As you go through the Transfer Funds flow after replacing your key, make sure to select a Manual Recovery instead of Guided.

Next, tap on your Inscriptions subaccount within your vault, and tap on "Transfer Funds." Access your Archived Keyset, and tap Send.

You'll next use the "Send From" feature to send each UTXO in a single transaction to your new keyset. This means if you have multiple ordinals or inscriptions in your vault (each at a different address), you'll need to do an on-chain transaction for each address. After selecting your address, choose "Send Max" to send the entire UTXO. Finally select your Inscriptions subaccount on the next screen for where to send the transaction to.

Finally, we strongly recommend using a lower fee for these transfers. This will protect against accidentally losing your ordinal as part of a transaction fee later.

After you receive the transaction in your new keyset, we recommend re-labeling it with a memo containing the name of your inscription.