Casa Domain Change

We’re moving to a new domain: 

We have some great news: Casa has a new home on the web. In the coming weeks, our website will be changing from to Your vault security and app functionality will not change. Links with the domain “” will automatically redirect to the “” domain. 

We recommend updating any of your bookmarks to support a seamless experience. 

Not all Casa owned domains will change at this time.

  • Our website for managing your account and signing with hardware devices will remain at
  • Our team email will remain and will still receive all incoming emails. 
  • Our support email will remain the same, and there will not be any gaps in your support.
  • Our support and scheduling URLs will be migrating from to over the next few weeks.

Check out this full list of official Casa-owned domains. You should always be vigilant about only interacting with Casa at our official domains on this list.

If you have links on your website that point to us, please update them. If you are having any trouble with your links, please contact us.

With a simpler domain name that’s easier to write, remember, and share with your friends and family, Casa will be better positioned to help even more individuals to take control of their digital wealth. 

This announcement will be available on our blog and social media handles once our new domain address is live.